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Mashudu Munyai

Mashudu Munyai


Mashudu Munyai has started an organisation at the age of 22 and has been serving in it for three years now. Her organisation “Silver lining 22 Community” is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and elderly. She believe that every young person deserves an opportunity to be the best that they can be as such her organisation offers mentorship services to strive to empower children and youth with the tools and knowledge to enable them to be independent and stand free from the chains of poverty. She and her organisation is currently running a dignity packs drive that will cater for 100 differently abled learners.

She has also worked with various other organisations to help them reach their goals. This includes Ikamva Youth were she has been a volunteer tutor for 4 years now. As well as Now4Tomorrow where she was a mentor and also served in the board as an outreach and mentorship coordinator, and a deputy chairperson. In this organisation she helped start their high school programme and also assisted in identifying an orphanage that they could work with to further reach their goal for the outreach programme. As deputy chairperson she was in charge of three subcommittees and helped raise funds by selling the most raffle tickets and assisting in baking and selling baked goods. These funds were used in running the winter school programme, donating books for learners in the orphanage and having a year end party for all learners at the orphanage. Her impact in this organisation has been great as it helped the organisation move forward.

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