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Mariana  Odendaal

Mariana Odendaal

Principal of primary school

Miss Odendaal is a principal of Sunnyridge Primary School in Germiston, Gauteng. I have nominated her based on how she has changed the lives of children at her school and surrounding areas.

This is a lady who was never absent from her duties as principal and was also my Maths teacher when I was in grade 7 (2012) and is the reason that I am in my final year at University in a Maths related degree, Computer Science. She found a way to make the school environment and math subject interesting in such a way that going to school was a pleasure. She can spot potential from a mile away and even when a student struggles, she would always and repeatedly find a way to help them understand. The school even has a class for students who struggle with the normal pace of school work and she visits that class and every other class regularly.

Today I am 21 years old, I understand the administrative work that comes with being principal and I still can't understand how she managed to be the superhero of the school and still complete her duties. She includes a lot of activities during the school year such as theme at the awards ceremony, make your own hat day and performing on the stage. She rewards you for every reward and punishes you for every bad thing teaching us the life consequences for our actions. She has shown me that not all heroes wear capes and I strongly believe that the community needs to recognize her. It seems rather extraordinary to nominate someone who taught you 8 years ago but she truly deserves it. I promised myself to reward her myself when I start working but it would be delightful for her leadership, courage, ambition and diligence is recognized by Assupol: Museum of Heroes.

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