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Christine Jackson

Christine Jackson

Retired Maternity Nursing Sister

My local hero is Mrs. Christine Jackson,3 years ago she rescued an orphaned baby monkey for the first time and found her calling, she keeps them in her bedroom in a home-made nursery for 3 months until they are strong enough to fend for themselves and be reunited with other troops, some are seriously injured with head fractures and open wounds, Christine is always happy to nurse them back to health, others die and its heartbreaking, its a 24/7 job looking after these fragile lives.
As their foster mom, she feeds them on formula every three hours as they would have lost their moms in road accidents in KZN traffic.
she does this from her own resources and gives freely of her time day and night.
The community in the north coast turns to her for all injured animals, some she takes in until they are well enough to be adopted ,others she sends to specialized shelters. I admire her courage and determination to help where most of us cannot.

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