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Rabelani Rambuda

Rabelani Rambuda

Supervisor exception assessor at Dept of Labour (UiF)

My Mom has worked over 20years at the dept of Labour polokwane and now at Venda. joining the dept of Labour when she was only 20yrs she strived and served with pride,
My mom is the most hardworking being I know, & very welcoming, every time we go to the mall people would always stop her and tell her they recognize her from her work place. She's always willing to assist with any matter regarding UiF wheather she's at work or at home, shes always ready to work.

Her strong character was seen during the covid 19 lock down where her and her team worked tirelessly to assist people who were affected by the covid 19 and those who lost their Jobs with the relief fund applications..
This is also a woman who would still come home and play her mommy roles with excellence regardless of what day she had at work.

20yrs of hard work & dedication. My mom is definitely my Hero.

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