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Mandlankosi Christopher  Mthembu

Mandlankosi Christopher Mthembu

Managing Director

Mandlankosi Mthembu who was born in
Vrede and grew up in Leratong Children’s Home in QwaQwa, Free State Province, urban area, as a
disadvantaged child but later trained in Project Management and developed extensive experience in institutional
and social development issues, training, facilitation, skills development, and research and project management and later registered an Non Profit Organisation which benefits the community of the Free State Province.

YIACD has over the years been successful in tackling infrastructure, unemployment, job creation, development
issues from a community perspective as a result of its human resources, professional experience in community
development, project management, job creation, facilitation and training skills and also communication skills.

The secret of YIACD’s success is the outsourcing of professionals in different categories and also subcontracting
small NGO’s according to the availability of funds.

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