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Nivershine  Maharaj

Nivershine Maharaj

Self employed

I would like to nominate my partner for the museum of hero’s
Nivershini Maharaj she is the founder and director of Enspired Women. During and before Covid-19, Ms Maharaj uses her own imitative to empower women and youth
During Covid -19 she created 14new jobs in the area to earn an income, her project called Enspired Stitch by Stitch sewed just over 30 000 masks for the sisters 4 humanity , the masks was donated free to the vulnerable and needy. Creating the jobs placed foot on the tables during lockdown
Ms Maharaj also created 40new jobs nationwide to earn a sustainable income
Ms Maharaj is passionate about empowerment of the ordinary women and youth globally
She was the 2019 World Women Role player
Her passion is to create financial stability.
Someone who does not know how to sew, or even thread a needle
Mrs Maharaj took out her mums industrial machines that was stored away for over 5yrs
Got them out serviced clean them created jobs and opportunities for women and youth
During the pandemic and with job losses she has self mentored 10women into entrepreneurship with no fees attached she has also empowered some of these women and youth to use her facilities free until they start generating a sustainable income
Ms Maharaj host 2free educational workshops a month to empower The ordinary women and youth in KZN. She also mentors women who’s abused by their partners into earning an living from their backyard garden or thier home industries arts and crafts

Mrs Maharaj drives this passion and free her projects is women’s at creating more job opportunities

She is currently looking at empowering 20 women for a 3year growth program
Mrs Maharaj hopes to create more empowerment projects
She has taken over 16awards Nationally & Globally

During the pandemic
Stitched 30 000 masks for free distribution
Created 54 jobs nationally for 2020
Turned 8women into entrepreneurs from their hobby
In total 62 ordinary people where empowered, these are individuals who lost their jobs or living in an abusive home.

Ms Maharaj took it on her own accord to work with ordinary women and youth around

Her plan is to create 100 new jobs a year

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