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Namritha  Sivsanker

Namritha Sivsanker

Hope SA org owner

Namritha Sivsanker is an absolutely exceptional and pure human being. She spends every single day of her life giving back to others with no expectation of getting rewarded for her kindness. She has personally not been given much in life and yet she does everything in her power to ensure that the less privileged have everything they need. From Monday to Sunday, she is out there, during a pandemic, distributing masks and sanitizer, cooking large quantities of food and distributing it in rural areas. She packs heavy food parcels and carries them on her own, loads bakkies, drives long distances and gives them out to people in need. I am in awe of her work in the community and outside of it. She works endlessly in Gauteng and deives down to KZN to carry out more work for the poor communities. She also aids in shelters for abused women and children. This week she held a cooking day with chefs with an orphanage, just to treat the children to a day out. I have never seen a woman with so much drive and persistence. Namritha is a woman that leads and does everything in her power to make a difference. She feeds and porivdes for thousands of people on a weekly basis, continuously making such a difference in peoples lives. I never see her sit down or rest, she is always trying to find a way to do more! Her NGO - HOPE SA has been doing amazing things and I'm so proud to know this woman. She is filled with so much love and kindness, and even though she works so so hard, she still goes home to be an amazing mother to her children. Namritha Sivsanker is a blessing and she deserves to be known as one.

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