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Carmi Miche Philander

Carmi Miche Philander

Poet Writer & Author and Artist

I am Marion Philander,also a writer and published poet  and the mother of 14year old Carmi Miché Philander.Carmi is born with an amazing gift to write both stories and poetry of any genre.She's been reading since the age of five and wrote since grade two.Recently three of Carmi's poems got published in a collection of poetry called"Kreatio in Moto" along with other experienced poets and she was also one of the top 20 finalists chosen among more then 400 entries all over the world in the poetry competition Kreatio launced in 2020 earlier this year.Kreatio is a platform for upcoming poets and well established ones to be able to get some recognition for their work.Carmi wrote a collection of  25 short stories named "Pampered Pets",fun and humorous and every story got a valuable lesson to  teach at the end.With this book specifically aimed at young people Carmi would like to create a hunger for reading amongst children all over the world.She would also like this book to speak on behalf of animals and fight animal abuse.Pampered Pets describe the lavish and outrageous lifestyles of different animal friends each with their own unique personality and character.Although for children even adults would love to read this book.She is also busy completing her own poetry collection named "When Pen Meets Paper" as well as a follow up on "Pampered Pets" and is also working on her first novel named "Call me Mathilda"filled with lots of suspense.Carmi got some exposure through the "Kuier Magazine" as well as various news papers and a brief clip of her story were broadcast on tv on E-news a while ago.However before it all Kreatio offered to help Carmi publish and distribute her book "Pampered Pets" online and we are extremely grateful for them,they however can not carry the full costs of publishing the books except for online and therefore we also need publishers willing to invest and believe in Carmi's work and would appreciate it if you can take the time to go through Carmi's work and help with the publishing of it so that it will get the necessary exposure and recognition.We as parents would appreciate any help to make Carmi's dreams come true as this child deserve that much.Thank you 

Mr Cupido & Marion Philander

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