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Michael  Striker

Michael Striker

General Practitioner

Woow where do I start, Dr Striker was my doctor since the age of 16. He is amazing he helps a lot of people, he is my hero because in 2009 I fell pregnant and I started getting sick went to the other doctors they never saw anything wrong with me. I came back to Cape Town went to my own doctor. He saw my problem immediately, he saved my life it happened that I had a heart condition. Whenever I do not have money and I am sick he is just a call away, he would just tell you can come and he never ask me to pay.he does this for everyone who can not afford, he even helps other pay their electricity. He is My here because he always sees me when I feel sad,he makes me laugh sometimes I even forget why I was there for a consultation.he engages with boys about a lot of things, things that young boys go through. He gives back to the community. Most of all he is still a husband and a father. I am happy that he is my doctor.

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