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Jackie Gallagher

Jackie Gallagher

Founder of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust

Jackie Gallagher is the founder and general manager of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust and has been the force behind the establishment and staying power of this organisation. Jackie founded Sparrow Schools a little over 30 years ago, out of a need expressed by a circle of friends and acquaintances for help with extra lessons and assistance for their children.
A qualified teacher, with a love for fixing things, she established the school, with the aim of helping learners reach their full potential. From here she grew Sparrow into a professional organisation providing quality specialised education to tens of thousands of students over the years, in the form of 2 special needs schools and a FET College.
Her passion for educating and training the youth of this country has created a space where children in vulnerable positions are empowered and given the tools they need to thrive within their educational spheres and beyond.
Jackie has created an organisation where talent is recognised, nurtured and developed, building the next generation of leaders.

¨I am part of a wonderful team - made up of family, friends, teachers and other employees at Sparrow Schools and am humbled by the difference we make.¨ Jackie Gallagher

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