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Thabo Peter

Thabo Peter "Tete" Gallens


Gallens has been a community worker for the past 40years or so. He opened his home to the community, running an ad-hoc community advice center, running an education center, also allowing students to come and study there. He orchestrated the formation of an educational project KEEP, where people volunteered over weekends to give extra lessons to students in Kagiso. A very dedicated educator for many years.
Presently he is running extra classes center for students from Kagiso and surrounding areas in his house. He also tracks his students' final year results which have been excellent throughout.
His house is a hub of activities. He accommodates homeless people, people bring their problems, especially youth problems, which he advises on or refers to professionals. I have witnessed people walking in saying they are hungry, even some of the students, he would order them to go to the kitchen and prepare their own meal.
He is a trusted member of his community to the extent that even when he leaves the house there will always be people in there and they will not steal from him.
I nominate him, he is my hero who never gives up, he cares, he shares, he is the hero of Kagiso and South Africa

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