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Fumani Mnisi

Fumani Mnisi

Founder/ of Nyeleti Group

This hero is a godfather of several communities, the whole nation perhaps. He is a founder of the Nyeleti Group a group which specializes in different provisions namely, funeral relations collectively a parlour, farms of domestic animals such as chicken broilers, pigs and etc. He also sponsors some events in the community and one thing I like about this hero he once or twice or even more sponsored an award ceremony for Grade 12s, as a result this makes him a figure in education front-line.

He provided 100s of jobs in Mpumalanga as a major and other provinces countrywide and he still providing, he brought hope to the hopelessness of the people. Yes, I understand when days are dark friends are few but believe me when days are dark Fumani is available to enlighten and lift the hopeless people. Today, people can afford to bury their loved ones easily and peacefully in the name of this hero, food on the table is even more affordable to put in the name of this upcoming legend, jobs are galore he is fighting against the unemployment rate and this contribute more in economic emancipation. Halala, the hero halala.

Kgotsofatso Mogakane

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