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Yvonne  Makapan

Yvonne Makapan

Pharmacist assistant

Yvonne is selfless, caring and very brave. She has been caring for a lot of people ever since before the beginning of the national lockdown. We, including myself have started a non profit organization in the township of Soshanguve 'Touched by an angel'. We help young children who stay in child headed homes, assist them with food and clothes, children who stays in the streets and have no place to call home. We started this organization with the vision to help children get off streets and off drugs. We held two successful beauty paegents, with the hope to boost our childrens self esteems and we wanted to host more but we were short of finances we have a sports day, where we play all sorts of games and we also participated in the chess competition at the Soshanguve Crossing Mall, where we came in second. We pride our selves in helping those in need with the little we have, as we have no assistance whatsover but because we saw a need in our community, we chose to stand up and make a difference. At this moment we have no establishment of our own and we hope one day, we can have a place our children can call home and be safe.

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