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Dimpho  Marakalla

Dimpho Marakalla

Student and Model

Dimpho Marakalla is the founder of Not Just A Girl Foundation that helps individuals with University and college applications, donate to the needy, offer counsel and do school visitations. Shrle does all those without any sponsor, she uses the little pocket money she gets to make sure other people are well taken care of and happy. Dimpho is young woman from a small village in mpumalanga called Ga.maria. She is one of the best heroes I know. She started her foundation because she wanted to change how our youth think and view life, she intend to empower and motivate our youth, because she is a living testimony. She is a mother to a 6 years baby girl whom she birthed when she was 2o years but she never gave up on life but instead she picked her self up so that other young mothers out there can see that they is still life after every mistake we make in life.

She is my hero, She is Not Just A Girl, She is Dimpho Marakalla.

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