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Zodwa  Ndlovu

Zodwa Ndlovu

Founder of Fundzisa Foundation

Zodwa Ndlovu started an outreach program in 2019 that helps children from disadvantaged communities with academic support. She believes that how much a child achieves in life should not be determined by how much his parents earn. She is a firm believer that education is a tool that can be used to end the cycle of poverty.

In June 2020 she registered a non-profit organization (Fundzisa Foundation) that seeks to bridge the inequality gap in our education system by providing educational support to learners in disadvantaged communities. The Foundation works in partnership with teachers from private schools to assist grades 10, 11 and 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science tutorials and extra classes. The Foundation also works with foundation phase learners, providing them with English, Mathematics and Life Skills lessons to ensure that every child stays in school and that every child can read for meaning by the age of 10.

The problems that Zodwa wants to solve through this organization are, the school dropout rate in our country, which is at 60%. She also aims to ensure that every can read for meaning as research shows that about 78%of children in grade 4 cannot read for meaning. She also wants to ensure that grade 12 learners get good grades in Mathematics and Physical Science. She is not just a dreamer but a doer as well. She is very dedicated to the uplifment and development of poor communities.

One program I like the most that the organization is doing, is that of Life Skills Education, it is a program that teaches children self leadership through workshops that teach children skills such as communication, confidence building, decision making, goal setting, etc. The feedback she has gotten from the learners she has worked with is amazing.

She really is someone who does something about a story that touches her.

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