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Nakedi Leah Albelina Mashapa

Nakedi Leah Albelina Mashapa

High school teacher

There's a lot that can be said about my hero, my mother. She lost her parents at the age of 9 and was left to look after herself and her little sister who was 6 years old. Moving place to place staying with uncles she didn't let that stop her from succeeding in life. She completed her studies and worked odd jobs until one day she met 2 tourist who were visiting South Africa by the time and were willing to pay for her tertiary. Sending my brother to go live with my her uncle she went and finished her degree of becoming a teacher. She has been a teacher for 30 years now. And she celebrated her 60th birthday this year, for the past 3 years shes been talking about retirement but she keeps adding another year. Saying "i will retire next year, i am still strong thanks to the almighty" lol. She's the breadwinner, strong, loves her job very much, comes back home very tired and instead of sleeping she marks the scripts of her learners. She doesn't like missing work, she also does Saturday lessons at a Telekom program witch helps struggling learners and also never misses church. I love my mother so much, she also gives clothes, some canned food, and shoes to her needy learners that come from poor families. She travels more than 25 kilometres to go to work as we live in attridgeville and she teaches at winterveld High school. Every learner she taught praises her. Every time she goes to teach in class she prays for the learners. Shes not only Gods warrior she's a living legend that gives back to those in need.. May God continue blessing her i love her to much from her son ditebogo

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