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Mymoena Scholtz

Mymoena Scholtz

Community activist and social worker

Mymoena Scholtz, or as the community know her Aunty Moena, is an amazing woman who has fights for the rights of her community. She has an organization called Where Rainbows Meet, situated in Vrygrond. An informal settlement area in Cape Town.
During the COVID 19 PANDEMIC, she has not had 1 break. She has worked hard, sacrificing her own needs for others so that she can take care of her community. Showing love in the midst of struggle.
For over 10 years she has dedicated her life to helping the community. Work never stops. She never gets a break. Never complains and remains a mother figure to all. She not only works hard everyday, helping in every aspect of life (donations, feeding schemes, ecd for kids and politics( but she does it with a truly loving heart.
I ask that you please take time to consider her as a candidate because she inspired my career choice when I was in matric. She inspires not only the youth but she influences adults of the community as well. She is ready to get up at 2am to help someone in need and its values like that, that is needed in South Africa. She understands Ubuntu and everyday she not only embraces but preaches it.
I hope you will consider her, it will mean so much to so many people as she has touched thousands of lives by remains humble.
She is a women who leaves her mark on everyone she helps.

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