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Teboho  Mahlaba

Teboho Mahlaba

Chairperson of an NGO

He runs an NPO that does various programmes, main is to empower youth and continue to upgrade the Education system of South Africa. It is a cabal of over 40 students( Universities and College students), we conduct programmes like:

1. Aspiring Difference( Career guidance for grade 9s only): In this programme, they compile a brochure of all available careers in SA, and distribute them to intermediate schools(grade 9s). They also advise them on subject choosing when they reach grade 10.

2. Each One Teach One Campaign(Tutoring from grade 10-12): They provide assistance to all the subjects except Life Orientation during June holidays. But this year because of COVID-19, they conducted this programme via WhatsApp early April.

3. #100ALLIN: initially this programme was aimed at assisting( Applying for at higher institutions and NSFAS) 100 learners, but they realized that 100 is too low and we have masses of learners who really need assistance of such, they ended up assisting over 350 Learners last year(2019) and 525 in 2020

4. Rebel Queen: This is a woman empowerment programme aiming at providing mutual support and sanitary towels to younger girls

5. Community Enrichment Programme: This is a programme whereby they pick 1/2 families who are in deep absolute poverty, they assist them with basic human needs( food, clothes, shelter e.t.c)

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