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Bridget  Kgaditsi

Bridget Kgaditsi


My hero ????????????Bridget was one of those kids i knew that was so much interested in jer school work
She was born in 2003 15 December. She was bit too quiet, ????????she struggled alot emotionally
She losd her mom when she was doing grade 11 which was last year 2019, but she didn't allow her mom's passing to get in between her n her studies. She managed to passed to matric 2020.
Sje was very happy to be called "matriculate of 2020" she was always asking me about findings and universities. She wanted to study being a Doctor.
She was very good in her studies, very focused.lockdown happened and she stayed at home, but she was reading her books, her principal sending them work via WhatsApp.
She started being sick, we took it slow. When time goes by she starte6being worse, changing color, getting slim. No one in her family cared about her being sick (she was staying with the family of her step father "

I took her to clinic and i find out that she was pregnant, they asked her what do you want to di with it, she said she will keep it but she is afraid of her aunts because they where too aggressive toward her.

She started being sick, not getting well, fall at school, it was around june this year
She was sick fr 3 weeks and dies from the hospital. In her i lost two soul at the same time, her unborn baby and her

What pains me is that she couldn't hold on her National senior certificate and see the results of her hard working

Death really owes us an apology

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