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Lydia Hlongwane

Lydia Hlongwane

Founder and manager

I feel lydia should be nominated because Lydia is one of the few young leaders in our community of hammanskraal who stands up for what is right.she has shown resilience in ensuring that girls who heads child headed families go to school,kids with special needs get the facilities they need.her compassion towards disadvantaged people is amazing and her leadership is exceptional.she is one of the young African Leadership Initiative fellows and the Brand South Africa Ambassador for play your part.She deserves to be awarded.She is an entrepreneur , the founder of an organisation called I.C.A.R.E ,a life coach ,a leadership maestro for South Africa and motivational speaker. Lydia has been awarded and nominated for a few awards which i thing must really motivate her to do more. She was nominated for Inspiring Fifty awards in 2018 and received the Owami Woman award as well as the Mandela of the Future award 2018.she just recently received a presidential award for the work she does. Her organisation is called the I. C. A. R E organisation.The two achievements that stands out as a highlight in the work that she does is the "Treat Her Like A Queen Campaign”- giving girls an opportunity to experience life out of the rural area by treating them to a ghalar dinner,gifts and pampering as well for their matric farewel. And the" Rare disease fundraising campain". Which helps young people who are diagnosed with rare diseases get transplants, specialised care from Milpark and sunninghil hospital as well as equipment they need to survive until operation dates.This has gone on without any financial assistance but rather feom immediate family, her own pocket and a great law firm that decided to support her dreams.

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