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Tarryn Johnston

Tarryn Johnston

Npo Founder

I'm nominating Tarryn Johnston as she is the epitome of what it looks like to be a beautiful, good human being. She is strong, fierce and determined force of nature but with a gentle calm of an angel. She gets things done and won't take no for an answer. She is the will that finds the way. Long before the covid-19 Lockdown that gripped our country she was the face of Hennops Revival. An NPO whose focus is on cleaning up the Hennops River with a clear understanding that water is life and all water leads to our oceans and all creatures on Earth are nothing without water. When lockdown happened she was not prepared to sit on her hands and do nothing, so she found a way to serve the homeless living along the banks of the Hennops River. She helped set up the first temporary shelter in Centurion while simultaneously expanding the operation to feed all of the 'forgotten people'. These are homeless people living under trees, along the river banks and in UNregistered informal settlements as these communities did not qualify for government assistance. Tarryn not only inspired hope and care but has singlehandedly brought together many different communities and ngos to serve the greater good. Tarryn is not just my personal hero, but a hero to many.

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