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Mbali Ndimande

Mbali Ndimande

Founder of Buhlebembali Foundation & Humanitarian

Mbali Ndimande is a Social justice Activist, a Humanitarian and a founder and chairperson of a registered NPO called BuhlebeMbali Social Counselling Foundation.

She is running an organisation that focuses on counselling, empowering victims through talking therapy, she also go beyond as far as taking care of the weak, the needy and the hopeless.

She is now running a project called Pensioners hunger relief project that started during covid 19 lockdown with the aim to assist Pensioners by giving them breakfast while they are waiting for their SASSA grant in queues in the early hours of morning.

She is a great leader and passionate about helping others, she does not have much but she brings out the best. I've never meant anyone like her before, she deserves to win this.

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