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Jemima Juries

Jemima Juries

Retired Nurse

During her service in Healthcare she saw the patients she took care of as people with needs of being not only attended to but to listen too and to go the extra mile by giving advice, assistance even after hours or during off days. She is loved and respected so much that patients come to her home to show thankfulness and appreciation even if it was ittle small deed of kindness. She shared what she had to eat for lunch even giving from her own home. She did home visits in her own private time to give support and care. She even take care after stray dogs and cats where she live giving them food, water. Even now in her dire time of illness suffering from bladder cancer and pain 24 hours when people go to her home she get up. Listen, give advice and try to help with the little energy she have left. Her spirit is strong. Shes a fighter. During lock down wearing a mask she never refused if someone was knocking on her door asking for her help maybe EG. Clothes for kids, a small job, a pain tablet, what to use for a illness, baby's ailments etc. And still she tell her famy she love them also having a 2 year old lively grandchild which she never refuse to cuddle even when in pain. She is a mother, a carer a charity worker a great pillar for her community

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