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Thozama Sishuba

Thozama Sishuba


Mrs Thozi Sishuba has worked as a social worker for Mental health in East London. She is the director of Famsa East London also managing Umtata .
Thozi is not just a Director but a servant in this community of building and protecting families.
She is a Pastor
Community builder
Mentor to the most of the social workers
She serves in the children's home as a board member
Trainer bringing delegant social workers for the gvt

One thing outstanding she goes without a salary most of the time Social department delays paying them , and that results in her being left alone in the office .Most qualified social workers can not take it.
Her Husband supports her financially
To her its no longer a career but a calling to see to it a Family structure is intact.
She is very dedicated and deligent more that the word committed.

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