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Madoda Ndlakuse

Madoda Ndlakuse

Literacy Mentor and Storyteller

I nominate Mr Madoda Ndlakuse who works for Nalibali. Madoda has dedicated his life and career into ensuring that literacy is taken seriously and that books and reading are celebrated and enjoyed beyond the commemoration days. He loves working with children, telling stories, creating stories that engage the young and the youth and aim to educate them on current societal problems, such as prostitution, drugs, peer pressure, gender based violence. He tell his stories through actions and song that captivate his audience and draws them to engage which leads to them learning lessons that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Seeing that there was a gap in books for children in his home language, Mr Madoda wrote a children's book titled Umtshato wenkukhu nentlantsi. He is busy with manuscripts that are being edited that he hopes will be published soon.
His dream for Motherwell, Port Elizabeth is to open a literacy Centre that will keep children off the streets and teach them the importance of education, learning and self reliance so that they can stand up to peer pressure.

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