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Trade Officer

Nozipho Mashaba is a well-rounded girl in society who continuously shares her talent and dreams with society.

She grew up in Johannesburg and later moved to Limpopo in her mid-high school. It was a very hard situation as she now had to become a parent to her 3 siblings who were staying with her grandmother who had to go to the big city for medical purposes. She was transferred to one of the worst schools ever, that school never had any good record of success but the very first day she went to that school she told herself that she will change all of that. l remember very well that the school was a rejected school. Students did whatever they want, and teachers didn’t even care. It was change of language, change of environment change of everything for her.

In her LO class she was once asked what she wanted to be one day and with confidence she dreams to be a chartered accountant. Everyone laughed and even the teacher himself told the class that one can dream, but do not dream the impossible. Heartbroken and shattered, but still that strengthened her to even work extra hard towards her dream.

She would wake up early prepare her siblings for school and go to school by 6am until 4pm where she would rush home to assist her siblings with their homework and make sure they had their supper. At 7pm go back to school and study until 2am since it was close to home with the members of her study group. It was a daily routine from Monday to Friday.

She made sure she got involved in every opportunity that came her way. l remember she was a vice chairperson of love life by the time she was also vice chairperson of Makhado save the children children’s committee, also the chairperson of the church choir, chairperson of COSAS and chairperson of Makhado municipality children’s committee. She started her own foundation called The Unlimited Youth Development to help empower and develop young girls and boys. She started mentoring young girls and boys to grow their self-esteem, do beauty pageants, public speaking, debate and stand their own ground from a young age.

She always thrives to empower them to be better people in society offering them career support, personal support, emotional support and financial support where she can. She was a very active person and what l liked was she didn’t neglect the important key she needed to success which was her books. Today as l speak, she is a University of Johannesburg graduate, with other certificates she obtained while still studying. She is a corporate lady who always inspire her community. She has molded and groomed young girls and boys who are writing their own stories and striding in life like me. She has changed lives, empowered a nation and helped others achieve their dreams. Talk about a well-rounded girl in society.

She continues to impact lives positively every day. She is an advocate for change and education. Nozipho dreams of a well-educated generation & a thriving future for our continent. Where young kids growing up don’t have to worry about existential threats to our communities, to our families, to our lives in the same way that our generation has. Through an empowering support system, she hopes to contribute towards the creation of a new generation of young men and women.

Nozipho helps young girls who took on the motherhood role not by choice but by default( because their parents went to the big city for work and leave kids at home in the rural areas and the elder girl child takes the responsibility of being the parent while the parents work for the family in the city). She grooms and help them schedule their lifestyle, manage their time well so they don’t neglect their schoolwork and also help them with their academics and coaching.

Nozipho also provide extra lessons to kids struggling with their academics. During lock down with so much home schooling and online learning she tried to make an impact to other kids who are from disadvantaged families and struggle with data bundles by raising funds and help them never miss an online class. Which was a great success.

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