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Landy Yeatman

Landy Yeatman

Events manager

Landy was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2017. She went through 18 month of chemo 8 weeks of radiation and a double mastectomy. She then landed in ICU with an unknown illness causing chronic anemia. Many of her bills were not covered in full by the medical aid. However she saw how others were suffering and started an NPO called People4Purpose. During LockDown Landy worked tirelessly to make sure the poorest of the poor and the most downtrodden got food and the help they needed- she typed up CVs and got toys for children. Formula for babies- the list is endless. During all this Landy never complained about how she was struggling financially- she had to cover medical bills, and being in the events industry she was not allowed to work until this month. She is a beacon of light to many families in the JHB area and I am proud to call her my friend!!

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