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Brenda  Letsholonyane

Brenda Letsholonyane

Life Coach

Brenda has been so selfless over the years. She runs an organizations called New Breed Generation. New Breed Generation has been running for 10 years and in those years Brenda has financed all NBG youth camps for the youth in Soweto and Bloemfontein. NBG focuses on the Youth giving them skills and values to build Character Driven Leaders. She has been mentoring me in the past 2 years, I have grown so much in my leadership walk. Her famous words "Every place of interaction is an investment" she has truely lived that out as everyone she has been in contact with from her Educator years, to her purpose lectures with the youth and women in the community has truly made an indelible impact. She was announced as Gauteng's best educator in the last decade and she has truely poured her self out into the lives of many people. I admire her for her courage, her love for people the way she serves people and the way she is always encouraging us to do the best.

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