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Evelyn Farmer

Evelyn Farmer

Senior Citizen

My mom is my hero, not because she raised 4 kids on her own but at the age of 68 years, she takes care of kids in her community Tafelsig Mitchell's Plain. She has been doing this for many years since she was boarded due to Anxiety Attacks Mommy would teach kids to read, help them with school work. Covid 19 has impacted on all our lives, but this didn't stop my Mom, my hero of taking care of everyone around her. Feeding those we were hungry,arrnaging with the neighbors in the area to feed the masses. In our communities many children is left to fend for themselves or find something to occupy them. Mom has about 14 kids that comes an do school work in her yard, where she feeds them and even got them to start a dominoes club, just to keep them safe in her yard. There are many out there who wr can classified as a Hero, my mom doesn't have a cape.. Or magical powers.. But she is definitely a Hero with abig heart, silver hair and the lovelist laugh that takes care of so many. Thank you for allowing me to share my Hero with you.

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