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Lehlohonolo Peega

Lehlohonolo Peega


Mr Peega is a young man who had dedicated his life to serving his community of Soweto.

He started his volunteering duties at Welcome Soweto School of Music as a teacher of Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Theory and Recorder. This is a position he enjoyed for a period of 7 years.

The dream of identifying and grooming the next Bra Hugh Masikelas amongst the currently and historically marginalized people of this country led to him in 2018 opening his own music school known as Music Is Joy. It is at this sanctuary that Peega host classes every Saturday and share the knowledge and little financial resources he has by sponsoring the purchase of resources from his personal finances.

He believes that "luck (funding and assistance) will find you along the way. All you have to do is find something you passionate about and get going".

It is from this selflessness that this year alone he has been honored by the prestigious Mail & Guardian Top 200 young brilliant South Africans and the Inside Education as South Africa's Top 100 achievers.

This work stems from many other selfless tasks that Peega has undertaken, his is for the improvement of life of those less fortunate. For example, as a collective, he founded the Wits Inala Food security project were students were taught sustainable food production and would from this exercise benefit the same produce they work to grow.

He also worked as a ward 39 sport coordinator, establishing various sporting teams from various sporting quotes.

Peega stands as an epitome of selflessness when most young people are interested in securing and taking for themselves, Peega share the little he has with others from money to knowledge, a very rare quality for a person of his age.

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