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Tebogo  Baloyi

Tebogo Baloyi

Advanced Midwife

She’s one of the most experienced midwives. Passionate about her work. She’s a mentor to the young upcoming nurses. I’ve seen her save so many babies that most people in the profession couldn’t have saved if it wasn’t of her interventions. I’ve seen her providing the most effective nursing care and her patient advocacy skill has really kept many souls alive. She’s one of a kind. And I’m more than blessed to have worked with her as a newly qualified midwife because I’ve learned a lot and I know my patients are in good care coz hers are also in good care.

There’s so much I could write about this lady and I feel she has never received the recognition she deserves. To her it’s never about the money, if that was the reason she could have left public sector and would be an asset in the private sector. She determined in Providing private level service in a public setting.

Doctors and nurses at Chris Hani Baragwanath in the Obstretics and gynae will agree with me that she’s the best thing that has happen to that institution and Department to be specific.

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