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Tebogo Kgampe

Tebogo Kgampe

Bus driver at Rea Vaya

I nominate Tebogo Kgampe for his UBUNTU and care.

This young man has dedicated his life in helping the young and old in the society at large. His undying love and care has seen a lot of needy people benefitting from his generosity.

His not rich but very rich in his heart, mind and soul.
During the pandemic phase the country is facing he continued to offer support and love to people in large by double continuing to donate food parcels, clothes, money and toys and all this from his own pocket.

We usually expect wealthy people and organisations to be the ones doing such deeds but this giant was all over the place even at children's with disability centres, young kids and old age homes with his donations.

Young and old people in and around his community are benefitting as well on the small jobs he has created and paying them from his own pocket.

I know even now hus busy arranging Christmas food parcels, clothes and gifts even school uniforms and stationary donations.

There's a lot to say about young giant.

Tebogo Kgampe indoda emadodeni.
Ixhawe - Hero

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