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Itumeleng Gift Mombezi

Itumeleng Gift Mombezi

Founder of Blaqdiamond Foundation Organization

He is a founder of Blaqdiamond Foundation Organization which he aimed to serve his community with both skill and materialistic things such as food and sanitary and hygiene products. He believes that giving man a fish is a waste of time but teaching a man how to fish. Helping his community was his dream. He established Blaqdiamond Foundation Organization on 2020 and his goal was to serve 150 people with food parcels, 100 ladies with sanitary and hygiene products and 10 skills development programme. But by the grace of God he served 400+ families with food parcels and 200 girls with sanitary and hygiene products and 60 people with skills development.

We are living in a world of darkness and he told himself that he's the one who is going to bring light in our continent.

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