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Sbongumusa Zuma

Sbongumusa Zuma

Youth Leader

Sbongumusa Zuma is a community member who goes out of his way to support and uplift the community of Kwa Dambuza by providing them with love and care, he's actually making a huge difference with no self benefits.

here are some of the highlights of what he is doing:
-he assisted lots of young drug abusers in our community by giving them guidance and also referring them to rehab centres

-during the Covid-19 pandemic he fundraised money and food to donate them to the families that were affected and street vendors who had to stop working
- there was a time when we were faced with a terrible weather that destroyed many houses, he was the first to give the families support and donated some essentials to them like food parcels, matrasses and assisted in cleaning the mess that was caused

- he also runs a programme of sanitary towels where he fundraise them and donate to underprivileged girls in our community
-he also runs a cleaning campaign where he organize young people to clean the streets

For me he is Indeed a Hero in our community and we need more people like him to make change

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