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Ethel  Hlabane

Ethel Hlabane


I was blessed to be in the presence of greatness. My mom is such an inspiration not just to her close family but to everyone she knew. She was a teacher and principal for over 40 years and had a great impact in shaping the future of many young people. When I was 9years she started a school at a farm in babpsfontein because the kids there either walks too far to the nearest school or stayed home. She single handedly taught all grades until she finally got the attention of Dep of education. She was not just a teacher but an Activist for Equality and fought for farm workers to get a decent salary and good living condition. She brought in nurses to ensure that the children in that community were vaccinated and facilitated sex and reproductive workshops. She taught everyone around there to dream big and strive for better. Fast foward to her retirement she focused her energy on orphans and the elderly through her NPO Khula home based care center. Her focus on the elderly is to mobilize care givers to go to homes where the elderly stay alone and assist the to get their grants, provide food parcels, provide transport to go for clinic visits and help with house hold chores. She has helped many orphans get into school, placed into forster homes, clothing, food and ensuring they are safe but most importantly loved. My mom would use her pension to support others and selflessly gave her time when ever anyone needed her help. She also believes in good health especially for the elderly and started a yoga for gogos in her community and a Soccer club where gogos competed against each other in Durban. She also started a successful beauty pageant for gogos which became a success. My mom is such an inspiration and I have followed in her foot steps since an early age and I am an Activist for GBV and gender equality. I run a shelter for Homeless and abused women and children and I am grateful to God for blessing me with an amazing mother. Her death is huge loss to our family and many people who loved her. It would be such an honor for her to be recognized in the Meseum of Heros because she has played a pivotal role in the transformation of many lives. I wish she was alive for this but I know she is smiling down on all of us as we continue with her legacy. My mom sadly departed on the 25th of July 2020 after my entire family contracted Covid and unfortunately she passed because of Covid related complications. It's still a hard pill to swallow but she will forever be loves, honored and dearly missed. May her Soul continue to rest in peace. ❤️????

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