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Corine  McClintock

Corine McClintock

Fonder of Sparrow Aids village

Rev Dr Corine McClintock she is the founder of Sparrow rainbow village locate in maraisburg johannesburg she's been running the place for 30 years now looking after orphans living with HIV /Aids and destitute mothers with their children. She raised me up from the age of 9 years old today I'm 24 years of age she is still part of my life, she my mother, father a hero that I never asked God for because if it wasn't for her I doubt I would be who I am today and I thank God for her she currently runs mother and children's shelter and a hospice with adults living with chronic disease, mostly their families dumped them there they now part of the family. I would really appreciate if she can be recognized as a hero. She's 82 years of age still serving as a Nurse and Mother of the Orphans

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