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Cheryl Hlabane

Cheryl Hlabane

Shelter manager

Cheryl hlabane is one of the most selfless women I know, she is truly passionate about helping others and it was evident during the high of the pandemic. She is a change Agent and GBV Activist but goes out of her way to help others. Not only has she played a huge role is saving, shaping and transforming the lives of many women and their children but works overtime to help her community and strangers. They really don't make them like her anymore, she is trully about the work and not applause. She has many times put her life in danger to save others. She has sacrificed so much to endure that many families have meals during lick down and beyond. I think we need to celebrate our heros when they are alive so they know that their work is noticed. This young lady was also named as DSTV Women of change and was the winner of women of stature Awards: women in Community. I can write books about her love for helping others and her humility, she has become a positive role model for many young and old women. She believes that Empowered women need to empower others and that's the only way we can bring transformation. She is a feminist and believes in equal opportunity for all. She is currently working on a project tat will give affordable housing to 100 women and we all pray that de gets the funds and support she needs because many women will be helped. Cheryl is truly a force and although she is 37years old her wisdom will shock you. I am trully blessed to know her and I hope others get to experience her love, laugh, smile and humility.

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