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Gail Motloung

Gail Motloung

Accounts Administrator

Gail is the founder of a non-profit organization called "Girl with a Purpose foundation. She has a passion to mentor youth and help them discover their God-given potentials. She has programs that help prepare them to be great leaders tomorrow, such as tutoring, entrepreneurship, mentorship camps, public speaking annual competition, Agri-Youth (teaching young people about agriculture) and many more. Her desire is to build a school, particularly a gap year program that will assist matriculants to decide exactly the career path they want to take. Next year, she will be launching a library for all the kids in the community where they will be assisted with homework. She recently published a book that talks about the impact a father makes in a child's life and how men should understand the impact they have in their childrens lives. She wrote this book with the hope that it will inspire and bring hope and restorattion in homes.

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