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Ntomboxolo NDZENDZE

Ntomboxolo NDZENDZE


My hero is my mother, Ntomboxolo NDZENDZE. This is because of her courage and willingness to help others even when she does not have much to give. Growing up we were poor and we never felt it. As a single parent my mother could have decided to raised me alone but she decided to adopt a child at an orphanage home. She has raised my neighbour’s kids, loved everyone who does not have a mother and been a ladder to every person she loves, in that if you need something she will try by all means to make it happen. My mother is a philanthropist at best, she never finished school but strived so that me and my sister get the best education there is. She has educated us about loving about neighbours and helping out orphanage homes every single holidays. We have been bathed with love that is unconditional. My mother is my hero because she has taught me what true love is and helping others without expecting anything in return. She has endured it all but the world will never and has never changed her willingness to be kind.

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