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Natasha  Portrag

Natasha Portrag

Philanthropist Motivational Speaker ,Business woman

I nominate Natashia Portrag for this award
Natasha’s dedication to the poor hungry and needy during this pandemic is Hero worthy .She has not stopped or allowed the lockdown or Covid 19 to slow her down in her humanitarian acts in fact it motivated her to go above and beyond .A true humanitarian
Her brand is highly affiliated with philanthropy. Her heart and soul belongs to the community and she will not bat an eyelid to assist where she can. She had created the box of hope in this brand and has single handedly raised over a million Rand is for children with special needs.
Not having any kids of her own , does not stop her from making sure so many kids get what they need.
She had rolled out many projects beyond the scope of duty and has done things no one else had dared to.
She has started up the empowerment breakfast for ladies, the business networking brunch, and the anti bullying campaign and coping mechanisms.
Her aim to get society into an embetterment lifestyle.
She has also hosted I am Woman 2018 , and was a recipient of the Woman of Wonder Awards and Influential Woman of the year.
She was also acknowledged by Mrs India South Africa for her support to the community and by the gay society for her acceptance and fight for them.

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