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Yavi Madurai

Yavi Madurai

Self employed - multiple organisations

When the economy opened, in level 3, Yavi Madurai launched an online campaign all at her own cost & time, called #144SABrands which called for South Africans to buy local & being mindful when shopping that when we buy South African products, the money stays in the country & our economy grows.

Over 144 days (symbolic of the 144 days the economy of SA was closed during level 5&4), Yavi Madurai does a daily showcase of products & services from all over South Africa.

She pays for all the products she showcases - there is no freebies or stuff given to her to showcase, so this is an authentic campaign, based on her passion for small businesses.

We see memes on social media about throwing 'business showers' to help businesses - Yavi Madurai is doing daily business showers online.
Please take a look at her social media for the gratitude from these small businesses. Also, she is basically doing the work of entities like Proudly South African & Brand South Africa - all by herself.

She is about to launch a Christmas edition of #144SABrands & that will create money flow to SA businesses, & not just the big companies, but she is calling for people to buy vouchers from restaurants, salons, etc instead of just gifts.

I believe that she has given selflessly of herself, her time & her own money to showcase small businesses in South Africa, for such an important cause being the economy of our country.

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