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Tatum DePearce

Tatum DePearce


Tatum is a God fearing, feisty, gogetter with a very BIG heart. She continues to feed the needy in her community on a daily basis with an initiative called Cov'Feed. She clothes and feeds many more families , all this through donations. She is very passionate about helping and guiding our young girls, she hands out personal care items and has discussion with them about the challenges and benefits of being a young woman. She also runs the Princess Campaign where she collects donations from dresses, hair, nails to cars that will drive the princesses to their matric balls. She covers books for the needy @ the beginning of each school year. She probably does a whole lot of other charity work that I am not aware of and I know she does not really seek recognition she is just a passionate soul when it comes to her community members and young girls. I nominate her.

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