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Portia Moekwa

Portia Moekwa

Self Employed Day care center owner

Portia has a day center that started 20 years back when she had no work and 4 other mouths to feed. Life had thrown her curveballs, domestic abuse which she was lucky to come out alive, teenage pregnacy, unemployment, living on the run and to top it all 4 kids that needed her attention, love and support.
She decided that the challeges of life would not bring her down, she took us to the best schools, made sure we had the best with what she could afford and also opened her heart to hundreds of kids over the years that she has been running the establishment. At age 40 she decided to go back and upgrade her matric results, which she did and as I speak she has an honours which most said she can never get she was too old and wasting her time.
During her time while studying she had a mental episode and was diagnosed with Bipolar, one of the most challenging times of her life and those close to her. The gossips started that a mental person was going to school and also teaching kids that never derailed her, she soldiered on and continued to give her 200% in her work and school.

To this day she has had 2 more bipolar episodes but her passion for teaching kids and sharing her knowledge has never changed. During the lockdown she made daily videos for her students so that they dont get bored being at home.
She is remarkable and her passion and resilience has made her a hero and so many people's life. The kids she has taught some are now working, others in university others are even going back to the day care to help where they can.

She has not only been a mother to her 4 kids but also to the hundreds of kids that has gone through her day care and also the youth club she has driven over the years.

She is a true mother of the nation and education is her passion.

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