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Xolani Sivunda

Xolani Sivunda

Visual Artist

Xolani Sivunda is a well decorated artist in the art space as hes name is known by art lovers, collectors and fanatics. This artist is a co-founder of Open Heart Studios which he co-founded with Michele Knetch whom resides in the United States of America, the NPC is a home to many young artists that live within and around Mfuleni.

The organization seeks to deprive the youth from unsafe thoughts as it gives exposure through art and concurrently creates opportunities through art. And that is also assuring economic development. This is home to people who come from all walks of life, some come from the rough townships of Cape Town , I speak of the heart of Khayelitsha itself.

O.H.S teaches young black people ceramics, pottery, mosaic and painting with no expectations other than seeing the youth being empowered mentally, and Physical because them being present on the space also precludes them from being involved from gang violence. "We live art coz we all things art" those are words that keep the young ones disciplined and devoted unto what they do and the smile that they ooze when doing art pieces it makes Xolani Sivunda to appreciate even more the God's arts they are.

Mr Sivunda is in collaboration with Women for peace on suturdays at Nobantu center whereby they offer soup kitchen to the children.

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