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Deidre Naidoo

Deidre Naidoo

Trauma Specialized Nurse

Assupol i nominate Deidrè Naidoo.. She is what a Hero is all about.She is a Trauma Nurse who works as a frontline to Covid 19.She is a humble soul who despite being a High risk due to being Diabetic on insulin serves whole heartedly and risking being infected in the progress.Shes serves as our frontline and has assisted many patients in this Pandemic including Covid positive patients.She is passionate about what she does ,Her motto has always been "IServeSoThatOthersMayLive". She is so deserving of this accolade. Being a breadwinner in her home,i know this win would be much appreciated.Fingers and toes crossed.She is a real life Hero who helps those who are unable to help themselves❤????

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