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Elmarie Van der Merwe-Brynard

Elmarie Van der Merwe-Brynard

Foster Mom

Elmarie is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. She runs Forever Family Homes, for abandoned and neglected children from all over our district.

Some of these children come to her with life-threatening illnesses and she advocates for medical assistance for them. She makes countless sacrifices for these children. I have witnessed, first-hand, the difference that she makes in their lives.

All children deserve to be loved. I am often overwhelmed at the progress these children show, after being with her. They respond to her attention and affection within a short space of time. Blank stares become broad smiles!

She never seeks recognition nor praise. Everything she does is for the benefit of these children. She tirelessly seeks to improve their circumstances, even against the odds.

I cannot think of a more worthy person for the digital monument accolade. She is indeed a hero to all children who have been in her charge and she is example to the rest of us.

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