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Sanele  Gamede

Sanele Gamede

Lecturer, Strategic Youth Life and a Career Coach, an Educational Motivational Speaker and an Employability Practitioner

Sanele Gamede is our hero as young people in South Africa.

I believe someone needs to be acknowledged while he is still alive. This guy spends so much of his time in developing young people of South Africa. As a Strategic Youth Life and a Career Coach he goes all out, even without being paid, to help many young people through his life skills and youth development initiatives.

There are many young people, today, who are at University, who have a degree and some who are working because of him. He has helped many young people with Job Readiness and Career Coaching.

I believe he is one of the people who haven't been acknowledged and supported for the kindness they continue to show to many young people in South Africa and even in neighboring countries such as the Kingdom of eSwatini.

He is currently running a Free Mentorship at the Park Programme in 7 provinces in South Africa through his Non-Profit Organization called Make a Mark Africa Youth Development.

He might have not changed the world but he has changed many people's worlds including my world. Through his teaching at Westville Prison, many offenders have left prison with entrepreneurial skills to start their own business.

He is indeed a hero to me.

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