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Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander

House Manager at Rainbow of Hope Goodwood

Alison is the drive behind Rainbow of Hope. The house fosters 14 children coming from abused backgrounds where some were born from drug and/or alcohol abused mothers. Some children’s learning abilities are slow but Alison has, through hard work, to managed to get funding and, created a learning environment that suits every child’s needs. They are reared under strict rules but love lives there. Some came as babies, others were bigger but Rainbow of Hope is home to many who lost their heart there even us volunteers. Alison has built such a great network that supplies in the children’s need. I have never seen anybody so selfless in her purpose. We as women, who know her, are in awe of her strength. She is an example to many and through that uplift women as well. She also share with other NGO’s resources whenever she can. She is truly someone who is a legend in her own right and deserves to be applaud and remembered for her role to in our society,
I thank you.

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