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Sibongile Mbhele

Sibongile Mbhele


Ms Sibongile Mbhele is the Chairperson of Sought Out Foundation. The organisation counters the multiple problems faced by societies. They are dedicated to delivering the very best solutions for all those in need, in one form of assistance or another.
They offer quite a number of programs designed to help the under-priviledged primary school and high school students with stationery, food and uniforms.
They also empower the survivors of gender based violence and human trafficking.
Sought Out Foundation, is working hard to change the conditions of those in need.
They are focused on delivering the utmost best of their abilities to use. Their core mission is to advance the socio-economic well-being of under-priviledged members of our societies, especially women, youth and children. Their issues of interest include Socio-Economic Development, Education, Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger.

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