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Siya Ntsumpa

Siya Ntsumpa

Founder/CEO Giving Them Wings Foundation NPC

Siya Ntsumpa is the Founder and CEO of the Giving Them Wings Foundation. He established the non-profit in 2014 with the vision of adopting schools in townships where he focuses on sustainable living projects. He has grown his organization to a formidable non-profit that has adopted 7 schools where food gardens and recycling projects are established. His organization also focuses on creating opportunities for unemployed youth and engaging young people in volunteering in community clean ups.
The organization now has a food security program that guarantees fresh vegetables for 200 school learners a month. Each of the adopted schools in turn develops a community focused feeding program and a such a culture of giving is encouraged. Ntsumpa also trains learners for environmental contests and to date his schools have generated over R200 000.00 in prize money from regional and national contests. Siya is a nationally recognized environmentalist having recently won gold at the Eco Logic Awards 2020.

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